Event: North Korea Freedom Week 2012

April 21, 2012 7:00 AM

If you are in Korea, you might want to check out some of the activities associated with North Korea Freedom Week 2012. The schedule, courtesy of Suzanne Scholte:

Dear Friends:

In just a few days, the 9th annual North Korea Freedom Week 2012 will begin in Seoul.  I am pleased to report that for the first time there will also be a simultaneous North Korea Freedom Week in London!  More information on NKFW is below with schedules for Seoul and London, but I want to respond first to the many emails about the news reports regarding China's decision to stop repatriating North Korean refugees and share other news.

North Korean Refugees in China: There have been several news reports that China has stopped the repatriation of North Korean refugees.  We suspect this may be China's way of indicating its displeasure with North Korea over its latest provocation with the failed rocket launch.  Even if it is true, China could begin repatriating refugees again at any time and this may indicate they are simply using them as leverage with North Korea.  So, for us, until there is an announcement by the Chinese government that they have changed their repatriation policy and will work with the UNHCR and the government of South Korea on this issue,  the campaign for the refugees must continue!  If you have not yet sent an appeal to the Chinese government that they stop this brutal and inhumane policy, please consider doing it right away.  Anyone can go here to find the contact information for the Chinese embassy in their country here:  http://www.fmprc.gov.cn/eng/wjb/zwjg/2490/

There will be daily demonstrations for the refugees in Seoul this coming week.

In addition, we are asking American citizens to please contact your U.S. Representative in support of the Congressional Resolution for the North Korean refugees sponsored by Congressman Chris Smith.

Please ask them to join as a co-sponsor to H.Con. Res. 109 Expressing the sense of Congress that the People's Republic of China should not repatriate North Korea refugees. If you do not know your U.S. Representative, you can find him/her right here: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/

You can see the full text of the Resolution here: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c112:H.CON.RES.109:

HRNK's Hidden Gulag Conference and Latest Report: The Committee for Human Rights in North Korea held an outstanding conference last week on North Korea's gulag.  For those of you who were not able to attend, the latest update to the Hidden Gulag report published by HRNK and written by David Hawk is available on line here: http://hrnk.org/wp-content/uploads/HRNK_HiddenGulag2_Final_Web_v4.pdf

9th Annual North Korea Freedom Week 2012: The 9th annual North Korea Freedom Week will kick off this Sunday in Seoul, while a simultaneous North Korea Freedom Week will also occur in London.  Many of the events in Seoul are being led by North Korean defectors who had participated in the NKFW during the first six years it was held in Washington, D.C.  Kim Seung Min of Free North Korea Radio assembled an amazing team of both South Korean leaders and North Korean defector NGOs to plan these events.  In solidarity, Joo il Kim of the North Korean Residents Society in Europe has also planned events in London. The complete schedules for both events are reprinted below.

Acta Non Verba,

Suzanne Scholte

North Korea Freedom Week2012 Schedule (April 22nd to May 1st)


Schedule is posted on website http://cafe.naver.com/nkfw/243,

NKHR Photo Exhibit – FNKR: Duration of NKW2012

Reading of the list of names of abductees – KFWAFU: Duration of NKFW2012

NK Defectors’ Proclamation Event hosted by 4 major NGO NK Broadcasters, at Wonpyo Park: Duration of NKFW2012

NKD Youth Coalition’s ‘Putting Up NKFW2012’ Posters at major universities: Duration of NKFW2012

Press Conference in front of Chinese Embassy regarding Forced Repatriation – Congressperson Park Sun-young : Everyday 2pm

Date Name of Event Host Organization Location Time Remarks
Sunday, April 22nd NKFW2012 Memorial Service NKD Christian Coalition 100 Year Anniversary Hall 2 - 5PM 300 NKD Christians
Joint ROK, Japan Broadcast Seminar FNKR FNKR 10AM - 12PM The Hon. Matsubara, Minister
NKFW2012 Rally Planning Committee KeumRan Church 3pm ~ Speeches
Monday, April 23rd Visit to War Memorial Planning Committee War Memorial Museum 8am to 9am Dr. Hyunuk Kim etc.
Opening Ceremony for NKFW CDNK National Assembly Memorial Hall 10 to 12pm Assemblyman Jung Mong Jun etc.
Int. Seminar (Change in NK) Planning Committee Press Center 2 to 4pm Closed Door session (ROK, Japan, USA)
Prayer Service for NK Salvation Esther Prayer Group Chinese Embassy -Seoul Station Plaza 6pm ~ US delegation
Tuesday, April 24th Inauguration of Independent Media to North Korea Association Free Chosun Radio Press Center 10am to 12pm Press Conference
Talk Concert  “Life and Human Rights” Free North Korea Radio Press Center 10:30 am ~ Hosted by Announcer Cho Soo-bin
Balloon Launch NK Gulag Kanghwa Island 3pm~4pm NKD Association etc.
NK Defectors Group Meeting Planning Committee Kanghwa Island 4pm ~ NKHR Policy Committee
Wednesday, April 25th Seminar on the Prison Camp and Human Rights NK Gulag Press Center 10am~12pm Dealing with reality of children inside Gulag
Seminar on the Improvement of Human Rights in Europe PSCORE Learning Center for HR 1pm~5pm Hanns-Siedel Foundation
Visiting Blue House Planning Committee Blue House 3pm~ NKHR Policy Committee
Meeting with NK Defectors Planning Committee FNKR 7pm~ NKHR Policy Committee
Thursday, April 26th Meeting with Korean Armed Forces: on the Reality of Political Prison etc. NK Gulag Military Camp 10am~12pm NKHR Policy Committee
Seminar on the Human Rights of North Korea and the International Response Prof. Jhe Sung Ho Press Center 3pm~5pm College Students, Citizens
Jar for Reunification Movement Fundraising Gyeorae Reunification Coalition Seoul Station Plaza 2pm~4pm Fundraising Event
Cultural Concert to stop Forced Repatriation NKIS Seoul Station Plaza 4pm~6pm Live concert, Prison Performance
Friday, April 27th Press Conf. regarding forced repatriation Planning Committee Chinese Embassy 11am~12pm Participation by all NKD groups
Visit to NK Refugees Foundation Planning Committee NK Refugees Foundation 1pm~3pm Foundation members
Award Ceremony for NK Defectors’ Testimony Contest Gangseo Police Station Gangseo Police Station 3pm~5pm` Awardees, Police officers
Prayer Rally for NKHR Esther Prayer Group Seoul Station Plaza 6pm ~ 5am US Delegation
Saturday, April 28th Balloon Launch into NK FFNK Peaceful Reunification Observatory 11am~ Cultural Event to happen at the same time
Large Rally for NKHR Esther Prayer Group Seoul Station Plaza 2pm Citizens, Christians
Sunday, April 29th NKHR Photo Exhibit NKD Young Adult Coalition Jong-ro, Kwang-Hwa-Mun 10am~
Prayer Rally for stopping forced repatriation Saemoonan Church Saemoonan Church 11am
Memorial Sports Day for NKFW NK Sports Association National Field 10am~1pm NKD Soccer team matches
Monday, April 30th Fasting and protest in front of the Chinese Embassy Planning Committee Chinese Embassy TBD Participation by all NKD groups
Tuesday, May 1st Peace Research Institute Event Peace Research Institute Grand Hilton Hotel (Grand Ball Room) 1:30~6pm Speeches
NKHR-related film production Announcement Production Team m48 Koreana Hotel, 7th Fl. 4pm~7pm Actors and Producers of m48




Charles Costello

Hi, scedule looks great. Is the Wednesday Seminar on Gulag children in English? Which floor do the Press Center is it on?

Charles Costello

Spent half an hour going up and down Press Center floors - no information posted anywhere and staff couldn't help. Where was it, really disappointed to miss out.


I'm sorry you weren't able to find the seminar. Please note that we were simply passing along information on this event as a courtesy to the hosts. The only information we have was included in the post. I am sorry that we don't have any further information.

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