Jammin' in our own style

May 3, 2012 6:15 AM

This winter, in an earlier post, we picked up on a piece by Martyn Williams alleging that North Korea was experiencing sporadic failures in its  jamming of foreign radio broadcasts and even having difficulty keeping its own foreign radio service on the air.  It was speculated that these difficulties were related to the seasonal pattern of electricity supply and demand which generates shortages in the winter. Well, spring is here, power demand has slackened, hydroelectricity production is back up, and the BBC is reporting that North Korea is jamming the GPS systems of airliners flying in and out of South Korea's Incheon airport.  According to a South Korean government official, the problems since Saturday have affected 250 flights involving 18 airlines. But not to worry, according to a South Korean Transportation ministry official, "no serious threat to the safety of flights because planes are using other navigation devices." Well, that's a relief.

Personally, I'd rather leave my jammin' to the universally loved Bob Marley...



Roger Cavazos

Classic. All the way around.
Little bit of levity and drawing attention to a serious problem. This is the third time in three years DPRK according to Martyn Williams @northkoreatech. After a brief bit of research, it does seem to have some element of periodicity to it. Although it's not a fixed schedule. First time was likely playing with new toys. Second time could have been maintenance or testing upgrades. Third time could also be maintenance. At any rate, it's something that could have been postponed and likely to send a message beyond demonstrating, "yup, the switch works" However, there is almost certainly an element of sending a message that DPRK can complicate possible war plans. Actually, it's good to know that BEFORE anything happens so that is slightly beneficial for ROK, US and others. A third element is likely to drive tensions between US and Russia. Russia was mercenary and strategic in selling the jamming units to DPRK HARPY and JDAM fairies are likely thrilled to "see" the radiation.

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