Oh Susanna!

October 31, 2015 7:00 AM

North Korea continually generates surprises: things that we could not possibly make up. To liven up your Saturday, here are two new entries from a group we have not heard of before: the Chong Bong Band doing Oh Susanna and Camptown Races. And what is that hip harmony around 4:25? And wait…is that clarinetist sporting a faux hawk?



Semoon Chang

Thank you, Marcus and Stephan, for your informative emails on NK. Sometimes I quote you in my Korea Times column articles. Living in Alabama. Oh Susanna is really funny/cute.


A song from 1847 and one from 1850 only 165 years behind the times. Might I suggest Daisy Bell (1892), move 45 years into the future in one fell swoop, that's nine five year plans and besides that HAL liked it.

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