"Secret State of North Korea" Airing January 14th

January 12, 2014 9:45 AM

Rimjin-gang (News from Inside North Korea) has alerted us to a Frontline documentary titled the "Secret State of North Korea" set to air on PBS (and online) Tuesday, January 14th at 10PM EST.

According to the Press Release, "FRONTLINE shines a light on the hidden world of the North Korean people, drawing on undercover footage from inside the country as well as interviews with defectors—including a former top official—who are working to try to chisel away at the regime’s influence." This does not look to be the most uplifting way to spend a Tuesday night, but hopefully the footage and interviews compiled will add another small peice to our understanding of the Kim Jong Un era.

[Update: You can now stream "Secret State of North Korea" on PBS's website here.]



South Korean opposition leader Kim Han-Gil was quoted today with Yonhap: "Kim urged the government to back up Park´s pledge with actual steps to improve inter-Korean ties, such as by lifting economic sanctions...."
Interesting developments ahead ?
It seems Rijming gang and others staying increasingly behind the curve.

Maeve W-W

It's available online for all of us who missed the original airing: http://video.pbs.org/video/2365155890/

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