Past Event

The Euro Crisis


January 19, 2012 3:00 AM
Peterson Institute for International Economics, Washington, DC

Event Summary

The Peterson Institute hosted a meeting to discuss the euro area crisis on January 19, 2012, releasing two new papers on the topic at that time: a relatively pessimistic analysis by Senior Fellows Peter Boone and Simon Johnson along with a relatively optimistic piece by C. Fred Bergsten and Jacob Funk Kirkegaard. The authors presented both viewpoints followed by audience questions.

Peter Boone and Simon Johnson published an earlier study, Europe on the Brink, that the Institute released as a Policy Brief in July 2011. Jacob Funk Kirkegaard has followed the evolution of the crisis with frequent analyses on the Institute's RealTime blog, and C. Fred Bergsten recently published "Europe's Done Well" in the British magazine Prospect. These contrasting analyses are part of the Institute's continuing appraisal of this very hot topic.

Event Materials

Policy Brief 12-1: The Coming Resolution of the European Crisis
C. Fred Bergsten and Jacob Funk Kirkegaard
January 2012

Policy Brief 12-4: The European Crisis Deepens
See also presentation [pdf]
Peter Boone and Simon Johnson
January 2012

Interview: Making an Example of Greece
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard
January 19, 2012

RealTime: On Greece, Growth, and Downgrades
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard
January 18, 2012

Policy Brief 11-13: Europe on the Brink
Peter Boone and Simon Johnson
July 2011