Annual Report

The Peterson Institute for International Economics achieved considerable success in 2017–18 in researching a wide range of urgent topics while influencing and informing the public debate on the global economy. This achievement is all the more notable because it was carried out in the face of widespread attacks on rules-based economic integration from a nationalist or populist perspective.

As Adam S. Posen, president of PIIE, notes in this Annual Review: "We have stood our intellectual ground, and we have done so proudly…. Our scholars continue to make real and specific the full costs of protectionism, confront economic errors directly, and explain the benefits generated by US engagement with the integrated world economy, particularly from NAFTA and China-US commerce."

Read more about the accomplishments of the last year in this report, published in May 2018. Among the achievements, the Annual Review includes the names of the new high-level scholars recruited to PIIE, descriptions of the high-level meetings held around the world by PIIE scholars, the strides made in outreach and communications, the sources of the Institute's funding, the recognition accorded the Institute by scholarly publications and organizations, and the Institute's research agenda going forward.

2017–18 Annual Report