Board of Directors

The Board of Directors’ principal goal is to protect and strengthen PIIE’s excellence as an independent, nonpartisan, and intellectually rigorous policy research organization that contributes to the public’s understanding of the challenges and opportunities posed by the world’s interdependent economy. The Board of Directors is comprised of a diverse group of business leaders, former high-level government officials, international civil servants, and distinguished scholars.

The Executive Committee (indicated by *) of our Board of Directors oversees PIIE’s budget and management, while regularly evaluating PIIE’s performance in pursuit of our mission.

Senior Management is responsible for setting PIIE’s substantive agenda in consultation with the Board of Directors, the research staff, and other stakeholders.

Members of the Board

Michael A. Peterson * (Chair of the Board)
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Peter G. Peterson Foundation
Lawrence H. Summers * (Vice Chair of the Board)
Charles W. Eliot University Professor, Harvard University; former Secretary of the Treasury; former Chair of the National Economic Council
Stephen Freidheim * (Chair of the Executive Committee)
CIO, Founder and Managing Partner, Cyrus Capital Partners, LLC.
Caroline Atkinson*
Former Head of Global Policy, Google, Inc.; Former Deputy National Security Adviser for International Economics to President Barack Obama
Ajay Banga
President and Chief Executive Officer, MasterCard
C. Fred Bergsten *
Senior Fellow and Director Emeritus, Peterson Institute for International Economics; former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs
Mark T. Bertolini
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President, Aetna
Ben van Beurden
CEO, Royal Dutch Shell
Neeti Bhalla Johnson
Executive Vice President, Chief Investment Officer, Liberty Mutual Insurance
Frank Brosens
Principal, Cofounder, Taconic Capital Advisors L.P.
Ronnie C. Chan
Chairman, Hang Lung Properties Limited
Susan M. Collins*
Joan and Sanford Weill Dean of Public Policy, Professor of Public Policy, and Professor of Economics, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, University of Michigan
Richard N. Cooper
Maurits C. Boas Professor of International Economics, Harvard University
Jason Cummins
Head of Research and Chief US Economist, Brevan Howard
Barry Eichengreen
Professor, Department of Economics, University of California, Berkeley
Stanley Fischer*
Former Vice Chairman and Member of the Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System
Peter R. Fisher
Former Under Secretary of the US Treasury for Domestic Finance; Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
Jacob A. Frenkel
Chairman of JPMorgan Chase International, former Governor of the Bank of Israel; former IMF Economic Counselor and Director of Research
Evan G. Greenberg
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Chubb Limited/Chubb Group
Maurice R. Greenberg
Chairman and CEO, C.V. Starr and Co., Inc.; former Chairman, American International Group
Herbjorn Hansson
Chairman and CEO, Nordic American Tankers Limited
Stephen Howe, Jr.
US Chairman and Americas Managing Partner, Ernst & Young LLP
Jay Jacobs
Former President and Managing Director, PIMCO
Hugh F. Johnston
Chief Financial Officer, PepsiCo, Inc.
Michael Klein*
Managing Partner of M. Klein and Company, LLC; former Vice Chairman, Citigroup
Nobuyori Kodaira
Member of the Board of Directors, Toyota Motor Corporation and Chairman, The Toyota Foundation
Charles D. Lake II
Chairman and Representative Director, Aflac Life Insurance Japan Ltd.
Andrew N. Liveris
Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Dow Chemical Company
Pip McCrostie
Former Global Vice Chair – Transaction Advisory Services, EY
Hutham S. Olayan *
President and CEO, Olayan America
Peter R. Orszag
Vice Chairman of Investment Banking and Managing Director, Lazard Freres & Co.
James W. Owens
Chairman and CEO Emeritus of Caterpillar
Jonathan Pruzan
Chief Financial Officer, Morgan Stanley
Ginni M. Rometty
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, International Business Machines Corporation
Lynn Forester de Rothschild *
CEO and President, E.L. Rothschild Limited
Richard E. Salomon *
Managing Partner, East End Advisors, LLC
Sheikh Hamad Saud Al-Sayari
Former Governor, Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency
Mostafa Terrab
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, President, OCP S.A.
Mark Tucker
Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings plc
Jim Umpleby
Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors, Caterpillar Inc.
Ronald A. Williams
Retired Chairman and CEO, Aetna Inc.
Robert B. Zoellick *
Chairman of the Board of Directors, AllianceBernstein; former President, World Bank Group; former US Trade Representative
Min Zhu
Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund

Honorary Directors

George David
Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, United Technologies Corporation.
Alan Greenspan
Former Chairman, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System; former President and Chief Executive Officer, Townsend-Greenspan and Co.; former Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers.
Carla A. Hills
Chairman, Hills & Company; former United States Trade Representative; former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
Frank E. Loy
Chairman, Board of Directors, Resources for the Future; Acting Chair, Board of Directors, Populations Services International; former Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs; former Chairman of the Board, League of Conservation Voters; former President, German Marshall Fund of the United States; former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Economic Affairs.
George P. Shultz
Honorary Fellow, Hoover Institution; former Secretary of State; President and Director of Bechtel Group, Inc.; Secretary of the Treasury; Director, Office of Management and Budget; and Secretary of Labor.
Jean-Claude Trichet
Chairman of the Group of Thirty; former President, European Central Bank; former Governor, Banque de France; former Director of the Treasury, government of France.
Paul A. Volcker
Henry Kaufman Visiting Professor, New York University Stern School of Business; former Chairman, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System; former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York; former Under Secretary of the Treasury for Monetary Affairs.
Ernesto Zedillo
Former President of Mexico.

Founding Chair

Peter G. Peterson (1926–2018; Institute Chair 1981–2018)
Founder and Chairman, Peter G. Peterson Foundation; Co-founder, The Blackstone Group; former Secretary of Commerce and Assistant to the President for International Economic Policy

* indicates Executive Committee member