Media Center

The Institute's Caterpillar Media Center offers broadcast-quality TV and radio interviews with its experts in an onsite broadcast facility.

Television Studio

The newly redesigned TV studio offers many possibilities for live or taped interviews. VideoLink's ReadyCam HD system has a robotic camera that is operated remotely by VideoLink engineers from their Operations Centers for one-person "talking head" interview or for interviews with two experts side-by-side.

  • Studio dimensions: 16' x 10'
  • Digital background that can display custom images

PIIE Media Center

Radio Studio

Radio stations can connect to the studio via dial-up ISDN:

  • Telos Zephyr Xstream transceiver
  • AAC Mono 128, AAC J-Stereo 64, Layer-3 Stereo, Layer-3 J-Stereo, Layer-3 Mono 128, Layer-2 J-Stereo, Layer-2 Mono 128, and G.722
  • ISDN numbers: (202) 452-0164, (202) 452-0165
  • Control Room phone: (202) 454-1362


To arrange an interview with a PIIE expert, please call or email:

Michele Heller