Political Economy

Because economic issues affect many other realms, Institute scholars devote much of their research to the relationship of these issues to government and governance, human rights, politics, security, corruption, and many other areas.  

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Stanley Fischer (former vice chairman, Federal Reserve), Sheila Bair (former chairwoman, FDIC), Jonathan Pruzan (Morgan Stanley), Cai Jinyong, former CEO (International Finance Corporation), Jason Furman (PIIE), Nicholas R. Lardy (PIIE), Yin Yong (vice mayor, Beijing), Zhang Tao (IMF), Jason Cummins (Brevan Howard), Gao Zhanjun (Harvard University), and Zhou Yuan (former chief strategist, China Investment Corporation)

April 20, 2018
Event Recap

Pierre Moscovici (European Commission)

April 19, 2018
Event Recap

Geneviève Verdier (International Monetary Fund), Diana Farrell (JPMorgan Chase Institute), Vítor Gaspar (International Monetary Fund) and Sonal Shah (Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation at Georgetown University)

April 12, 2018
North Korea: Witness to Transformation
March 23, 2018
Event Recap

Øystein Olsen (Governor of the Central Bank of Norway)

March 22, 2018